David Collins Studio

We are so excited to have just launched an update of the David Collins Studio website.

The lifestyle team at Propeller revamped the highly customised brochure site to new branding with a redesign of key content areas. Another objective¬†of the brief was to optimise the site with a more ‘app’ style navigation, striking the difference between the Studio and its competitors.

The team at David Collins Studio continues to build on the work of the late designer and we are proud of our continued partnership with them in 2014.

Changes include:

  • Addition of a new responsive navigation
  • Integration of a search function to allow for easy scanning of projects
  • New tertiary navigation for project sub categories
  • Careful insertion of brand colours and fonts
  • Redesign of Clients page
  • Redesign of Awards page
  • Allowance for finger friendly swiping on press content