Intelligent Waste is a new concept brought to you by Joseph Joseph, with the latest products to offer clever waste solutions that save space and are easier on the eye.
Propeller partnered with Joseph Joseph to put deliver a sleek high speed interactive solution offering a cutting edge animation, fast video content and shopping ability.
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A deceptively simple customer journey – design in detail
  • The customer journey developed as we delved into the project, tailoring the journey to suit the needs of the site and handling the few constraints the animation presented us. We created a clear and concise visual representation for the client to be happy with and for the FE team to work from.
  • The microsite included animation set to an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • For successful continuity each region had to be reduced to fit any screen size proportionately
  • Static header and footer to make it easy to navigate across the site and to social media.
  • Touch friendly experience – highlight the product area and the accessories carousel with swipe function
  • Auto play for full width as it’s the very first region users will see.
  • Auto play removed at 320 as it’s further down the page and users may run the risk of seeing the video half way through, instead they can hit play when they like.
Guaranteed speed
  • Image swapping and lazy loading optimised the site for all browsers and devices whilst being able to serve alternative content accordingly
  • Bespoke hosting solution offered in-site service of video
  • A separate mobile site followed a different storyboard to deliver great experience to all devices.
Cutting Edge Technology
  • HTML5 Video – by utilising HTML5 video, we were able to write a bespoke plugin which allowed us to manipulate and highlight key features in the CAD video at different points when scrolling
  • CSS animation – using CSS animation coupled with our bespoke plugin, we were able to introduce focus points and key content during and after time spots which were dictated simply by adding data attributes to content sections
  • eCommerce integration allows customers to choose products including size and colour variations & add them to their basket directly from the Intelligent Waste  site.