In this world filled with Big Data, companies are jumping at the opportunity to target customers based on lifestyle.


Big Data allows businesses to learn more about emerging trends, human behaviour and, in turn, help decision makers to choose strategic moves for their company.

Using Big Data gathered via location services, on mobile devices, is one way in which businesses can help improve conversion. Here are some apps and tips to help you get started!


A simple way to jump on the geotargeting bandwagon is by using location based Facebook or Google advertising. Simply add the location(s) you wish to target: Facebook You can further filter based on whether they are living, travelling or merely passing through your chosen location. You will then be able to narrow down your targeting based on the users age, marital status, birthday, hobbies, profession… you name it! Next time you visit a shop or restaurant, keep a beady eye to see which adverts are lurking in your newsfeed or sponsored ads on Google. The great thing about geotargeting is that it can also read IP addresses (so the ad isn’t relying on the user having location services turned on!)  


Geofencing is the process by which, through the use of GPS, a virtual geographic boundary is created which will trigger a response on a user’s phone when they enter the boundary. This is similar to geotargeting, but intended for a more specific area; like a venue, festival or landmark, rather than a city. One way in which geofencing can be used to target customers is via push notifications. If a customer has your app downloaded you can:

  • give them a friendly hello as they enter your venue
  • remind them they have gift card credit to spend
  • let them know of any offers in store
  • encourage them to complete a survey as they leave

The Vouchercloud mobile app has used geofencing to send push notifications when the user enters into the 200m radius around a business that has an active offer. Snapchat also utilises geofencing for custom filters. Let your customer tell all their friends that they have enjoyed a meal at your restaurant, that there is a big sale on or just take a classic selfie and add the cherry on top – your personalised filter! Snapchat Filters

The app GoBabl allows companies to create a social media feed comprising of a whole range of social media feeds based on custom drawn location parameters (geofencing). This personalised feed will find all social posts publicised within that location and display them on a digital map. This content can then be filtered based on date, keywords and user profile. The company can then interact with the user, creating a more personal experience. For example: if the customer has visited The National Gallery and posted a good review on a platform, appreciation can be shown in return (with a subtle reminder of the gift shop hours!)


Although geofencing and geotargeting are great ways to target your customers, we must not forget about the simple ways to make the location of your company or services known. If your business is not registered on popular map applications – do it now! Google Maps and Apple Maps are two of the most popular on mobile devices (click on the links to register for free). Location MapsThis way, when someone searches their local area for coffee or an Italian your business will crop up!


So whether it is launching a PPC campaign, building your snapchat filter or simply putting yourself on the map, start utilising the location of your customers to further market your services.


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