This Chinese New Year, Ping Pong are all about sharing good times, great food and tasty rewards. We teamed up with them to create an exciting competition that no one can resist… because everyone is a winner.

This is your chance to win some fabulous prizes, including a once in a lifetime tour of China, a £1,500 shopping spree at Reiss and a delicious selection of cocktails and Dim Sum! 

Here’s how we did it…

The Objective:

The aim of the competition was to engage users in a fun online competition, enticing them with guaranteed prizes and ultimately encouraging them to book a table or directly visit one of the Ping Pong restaurants to retrieve their prize.

Data Capture:

When customers arrive on the landing page they are prompted to sign up to the mailing list to get involved in the competition. Within the first 2 weeks of launch, over 5,000 subscribers have been captured via the competition page alone. Customer postcodes have been included in the data capture, for future location based segmentation.

How do I play?Ping Pong Chinese New Year

Give the slot machine a whirl – everyone can play once and each lucky symbol opens a door to fantastic prizes.

After the slot machine spins, your prize will be revealed! Then just follow the instructions to claim your reward.

Results so far:

Check it out here