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How to make customers buy

How to make your customers happy? // eCommerce edition

The key to sales is satisfied customers. They have a good experience, they like the product and they’ll probably buy again.…

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Maximise on your location // Big Data

In this world filled with Big Data, companies are jumping at the opportunity to target customers based on lifestyle.   Big Data allows businesses to learn more about emerging trends, human behaviour and, in turn, help decision makers to choose strategic moves for their company. Using Big Data gathered via location services, on mobile devices,...

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The future of beauty and technology - the sky is the limit

The Use of Technologies in the Beauty Sector // Part 3

After looking at the different technologies the beauty sector has adopted, what’s in store for the future?   With the tides turning, L’Oreal’s chief executive Jean-Paul Agon couldn’t agree more that technology is the future for beauty companies, saying “digital and beauty are the perfect…

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Digital Tech Jargon Explained

Jargon Busting

Our most used tech phrases explained: Propeller’s jargon busting guide   Know the difference between your CTA, CRM and CMS? Welcome to the part 1 of the Proptionary with your ABCs … and an RSU…   ADWORDS AdWords is an advertising service owned by Google which allows businesses to buy for advertising space amongst the search...

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Studio scene

The Use of Technologies in the Beauty Sector // Part 2

The idea of virtual reality was introduced in Part 1 with L’Oreals App, Make up Genius.   Working from an algorithm to capture 64 points on the consumers face and scanning your own features, you can then browse a catalogue of products and digitally try them on before making a purchase. (1)   Consumers can...

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The Use of Technologies in the Beauty Sector // Part 1

“Digital and Beauty are a perfect match”   Technology is causing consumer behaviour to change faster than ever with a dramatic shift from in-store to on-line purchases.   With…

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How to Target your Locals // Hospitality Edition

Have you ever noticed the same people walking past your venue but not coming in?   Here are our top suggestions for harnessing your digital strategy to target your locals.   Segment your communications by location If you manage a hospitality brand with multiple venues, no doubt you’ve already recognised venues will need to tailor...

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Spring Wolf Run 2017

10km, 20 obstacles, a few bruises later but we live to tell the tale. And even better – raised over £3,500 for charity!  …

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What makes the perfect homepage? // Hospitality Edition

On average, 80% of customers visit a restaurant’s website prior to dining there for the first time.   This shows the importance of building a strong digital presence for your brand, starting with an impactful website. On average, you have around 30 seconds to entice visitors when they land on…

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Dietary Revolution

The Dietary Revolution: Free-from, clean eating

Dietary requirements have never been so prevalent or talked about than in 2016. The latest figures from Allergy UK shows that the number of people with allergies is increasing and they are now effecting…

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