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Shared economu

The Digital Facilitation of Shared Economy

The concept of shared economy draws people all over the world closer together; offering opportunities that have not previously been within reach. And this rise has gone hand-in-hand with the exponential expansion of the digital sphere.   The ever-shifting world of digital is forcing a change in expectations around traditional business models and rewriting existing...

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Christmas cracker

8 Ways to Communicate your Christmas Offer Online

Since 2002, Christmas bookings have increase by an incredible 200% . With 72% of firms now throwing a Christmas party, at an average amount per person of £56.49 (in London). Finding…

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The Development of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been developing rapidly…   From Siri or Google Assistant predicting your daily commands based on previous web searches to driverless cars. The scope of how AI can be implemented in our lives is almost endless. Currently, AI is limited as it is delegated to perform straight forward tasks such…

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Business People hangout together at coffee shop

Customer Loyalty: Reward engagement

Loyalty programmes (LP’s) are everywhere. You’ve probably got at least 5 loyalty cards on you this very second…   LP benefit the customer and the…

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The Internet of Things – A Journey

Have you ever wanted your alarm clock to wake you up at 6am with a perfectly brewed coffee next to you?  …

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Omnichannel: Digitising the Retail Space

With an emphasis on and growth of the omnichannel approach, the gulf between the eCommerce landscape and physical store space is narrowing.   The high street is beginning to embrace digital, transforming how consumers shop in the process.   Retailers have traditionally treated the shop floor as active warehouse space for selling products and the...

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How to make customers buy

How to make your customers happy? // eCommerce edition

The key to sales is satisfied customers. They have a good experience, they like the product and they’ll probably buy again. But how do you make your customers happy?  We’ve put together a quick checklist of ways to ace that customers satisfaction.   1. Be Transparent No one…

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Maximise on your location // Big Data

In this world filled with Big Data, companies are jumping at the opportunity to target customers based on lifestyle.   Big Data allows businesses to learn more about emerging trends, human behaviour and, in turn, help decision makers to choose strategic moves for their company. Using Big Data gathered via location services, on mobile devices,...

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The future of beauty and technology - the sky is the limit

The Use of Technologies in the Beauty Sector // Part 3

After looking at the different technologies the beauty sector has adopted, what’s in store for the future?   With the tides turning, L’Oreal’s chief executive Jean-Paul Agon couldn’t agree more that technology is the future for beauty companies, saying “digital and beauty are the perfect match” (1). Beauty brands are embracing the digital world by responding...

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Digital Tech Jargon Explained

Jargon Busting

Our most used tech phrases explained: Propeller’s jargon busting guide   Know the difference between your CTA, CRM and CMS? Welcome to the part 1 of the Proptionary with your ABCs … and an RSU…   ADWORDS AdWords is an advertising service owned by Google which allows businesses to buy for advertising space amongst the search...

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