Gymkhana is inspired by Colonial Indian gymkhana clubs, set up by the British Raj, where members of high society came to socialise, dine, drink and play sport.

We worked with long term partner JKS Restaurants, to produce a stylish website for Mayfair destination, Gymkhana.

Gymkhana, inspired by colonial Indian clubs set up by the British Raj, needed to be brought to life digitally to reflect the venue in a subtle, yet effective way. The website was developed responsively

Services: Website Design, Responsive

Responsive design

The Gymkhana website is built using responsive technology. With over 35% of users accessing the site via a mobile or tablet, we moved Gymkhana into the responsive age - enhancing the user journey, whilst keeping the full experience!


The design

A sleek homepage, inviting the user to discover the site with a simple navigation and drive reservations and data capture.

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