Respect the Elements.

Gill is a very rare thing these days, a company that only does one thing.

Having built a strong working relationship over the last 5 years, covering 18 country sites with translations, a B2B and B2C site and a comprehensive integration in to their product and order management system, we recently reskinned the Gill site. Finessing cosmetic elements, streamlining the customer journey and readdressing the site architecture led to an improved journey to purchase. Our shared ambition was to inform and reward the customer and in turn, see an increase in conversions and sales.

Services: Website Design, UX Design


We removed the main navigation to steer customers’ focus to the purchase journey and enhanced this by replacing it with a checkout navigation bar. Continued guest checkout functionality and the addition of PayPal as a payment option, estimated delivery costs and Postcode Anywhere all gently guide the customer through checkout.

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Strengthening Gill’s authority in the industry we custom built a Kit Bag functionality that enables users to see products grouped by sailing type and weather condition. From Gill’s perspective this enables cross promotion and upselling.

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