Beany Green

Beany Green

Uniting a multi-venue Antipodean café concept in one striking website.

Propeller partnered with the founders to create a website which would both visually stun and provide a clear and intelligible UX.

The Beany Green concept (which also encompasses the Daisy Green café and Peggy Jean coffee kiosk) is an independent coffee shop collective serving Aussie-inspired bold, fresh, healthy food in and around Central London.

Services: Website Design, Responsive Build, Social Media Integration, Multi-Venue Platform

Providing a Mutli-Venu Platform Solution

To simplify and streamline the user journey, we created a ‘contact card’ region on the homepage, allowing the user to see all of the different locations at a glance. Each of these links directly to a unique individual venue page, where the more in-depth venue details are displayed, alongside a bespoke Google Maps integration.

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The Menus available at the selected venue are also detailed and linked for an easily navigable user journey.

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Showcasing Social Media

We created 2 distinct live Instagram feeds – one for the core pages of the site and one for the ‘Art’ page of the site, which the client felt strongly they would like to keep separate. These both pull through in real time from their related accounts.

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