Creative Taste

Creative Taste

Creative Taste is one of the Creativevents partner brands and specialise in running bespoke cafes, restaurants and full catering services in leading visitor attractions.

Needing a site that reflected both their excitement about tasty food and interesting, quirky event concepts as well as one that demonstrated their reach in the catering world in London, we designed a full bleed website that pinpoints the range and capabilities of their services.

The website is both foodie and stylish giving large real estate to Creative Taste’s food photography and using intuitive technique to expose content whilst remaining a largely visual engine. The website footer contains a clear enquiries form and a blog link to inform visitors of current locations and events with which Creative Taste are partnering. The site has retained a clear link with its’ sister Creativevents, but offers an individual platform for the Creative Taste brand in its own right.

Services: Website Design


A beautiful tiled gallery with extendable views showcases the food that Creative Taste can provide.

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We designed a full bleed website that pin points the range and capabilities of Creative Taste's services.

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A clear and easy to use enquiry form offering users an effective vehicle to get in touch

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