A Champagne bar that doesn't serve caviar, but Hot Dogs

We worked with Bubbledogs to create a beautiful one-page website

The website was designed and built with the concept and character of Bubbledogs firmly in mind. Drawing inspiration from the diverse textures and aesthetic elements from the venue itself, including the famous 'hot dog' illustrations that are showcased on the walls in-house.

Services: Website Design, eMarketing

Stunning one-page design

We created a beautiful 'one-page' website for Bubbledogs, where the entire content is positioned on one page, split into individual sections. By only needing to load a single page, it allows people to find the information they need quickly and makes for an enjoyable user experience.

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Unique touches

The design focuses on many of the unique touches that are experienced while eating 'dogs' and sipping champagne at Bubbledogs. The online menus are regularly updated and are designed to closely reflect the menus in-house. The picture frames displaying the famous 'hot dog' illustrations are another unique Bubbledogs touch that the design has drawn influence from.

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Live Instagram Feed

Bubbledogs utilise a live Instagram feed on their homepage, which rotates to display their most recent photos. It acts as a great tool to show off the latest happenings at Bubbledogs, including their one-off hot dog creations - straight from the kitchen.

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