Brewhouse & Kitchen

Brewhouse & Kitchen

Educating and indulging beer lovers across the country, Brewhouse & Kitchen summarizes the art of beer making online.

It was imperative to showcase the personality of Brewhouse & Kitchen online, to promote the unique characteristics of each venues, and to optimise a visitor's journey online to communicate all that B&K has to offer.

Following the brands’ fast expansion, we partnered with them to design and build a new engaging, interactive website that embodied the true feel of each of their individual venues.

We set out to help drive Experience day bookings and harbour the food and drink offering in each venue. We planned the implementation of a quick and simple location-based venue selector on each core page to help direct a user’s visit to their local Brewhouse and Kitchen and the right menu for the occasion.

Services: Web Design, Responsive Build, Multi Venue Platform, eMarketing Integration


The website features dynamic animations throughout; including a carousel of uniquely designed Pump Clips specific to each venue, helping to bring each microbrewery alive online.

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Built on WordPress, the new website provides a platform that will aid the brands’ growth across the UK with flexible content control, enquiry forms tailored to each venue, and a scalable Design My Night integration for table and experience day bookings.

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Playful design

The design of the website incorporates a bright colour palette, that ties in with their new high impact branding that’s been rolled out across each venue in-house, as well as online.

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